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We Have Everything You Need To Master Pharmaceutical Calculations

Performing pharmaceutical calculations accurately and expeditiously is pertinent for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses and ensures that patient safety is not compromised. At RxCalculations, we focus on providing top quality pharmacy calculations products to help prospective pharmacists and healthcare professionals all over the world resolve one of the biggest challenges related to their profession.

Our products include affordable courses, personal consults, books, video tutorials and apps designed to make you an expert in solving any pharmaceutical calculations question. We also have the largest pharmaceutical calculations online question bank which has over 1000 questions covering every important calculations topic as well as step-by-step video solutions. With all these resources at your disposal we have all you need to not only master pharmacy calculations but ace every test as well as passing your board exams. 

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Pharmaceutical Calculations: 1001 Questions With Answers

All the pharmaceutical calculations practice you would ever need

NAPLEX Calculations Prep App

Learn and practice pharmaceutical calculations whenever and wherever you want

NAPLEX Calculations Question Bank

Over 1000 NAPLEX® type short answer and multiple choice calculations questions with answers

Video Tutorials

Over 15 video tutorial covering pertinent topics in pharmaceutical calculations


Tons of challenging quizzes on pharmaceutical calculations.

Solved Questions

There are over 15 video tutorials covering pertinent topics in pharmaceutical calculations.

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