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Your Trusted Partner in Mastering Pharmaceutical Calculations

Hello, and a warm welcome to RxCalculations! We’re here for one reason: to turn what might seem like complex pharmaceutical calculations into something you can handle with ease and confidence. Our promise? You’ll never have to fear failing an exam or putting patient safety at risk because of a calculation error. We’re all about creating top-notch, engaging, and easy-to-grasp pharmaceutical calculations resources that have gained us a name on a global scale.

Our Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Global Influence


YouTube Launched -Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations

Started YouTube

We started off small – just a YouTube channel called “Pharmaceutical Calculations.” Look where we are now! Over 30,000 subscribers and counting.


RxCalculations Launched_Pharmaceutical Calculations

RxCalculations Born

Building on the success of our YouTube channel, we launched the RxCalculations authority site to become your one-stop-shop for all pharmaceutical calculations needs.


Pharmaceutical Calculations Equation Sheet

Introduced Equation Sheet

Ever felt overwhelmed by pharmaceutical equations? We launched the Pharmaceutical Calculations Equation Sheet to make things easier.


naplex calculations prep - RxCalculations

Calculations App Launched

We revolutionized the way students learn with the launch of the NAPLEX Calculations Prep App, providing flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.


pharmaceutical calculations_1001 Questions With Answers_11

Calculations Book Launched

To ensure you’re never out of practice, we wrote the book “Pharmaceutical Calculations: 1001 Questions With Answers.”


NAPLEX Calculations Question Bank-RxCalculations

Question Bank Launched

Introduced the NAPLEX Calculations Questions Bank, a platform featuring over 1000 NAPLEX-type questions with detailed video solutions.


Ultimate Pharamceutical Calculations Course-NAPLEX Edition-RxCalculations

Courses Launched

Launched our signature Ultimate Pharmaceutical Calculations Course-NAPLEX Edition and the Ultimate Pharmaceutical Calculations Course-Crash Course Edition.


RxCalculations Forum-Pharmaceutical Calculations

Forum Launched

We’re all about community, so we brought you the RxCalculations Forum, a place for shared growth and learning.


RxCalculations Mastermind Club-Pharmaceutical Calculations

RxCalculations Club Launched

We launched the Premier Pharmaceutical Calculations Coaching Mastermind Group for a personalized learning experience.cription.


NAPLEX Calculations Live Classes-RxCalculations-Pharmaceutical Calculations_

Live Classes Launched

We launched Live Classes because you asked for it, and we listened! You let our experts do the hard work for you and we keep your brain from exploding!

How RxCalculations Has Impacted Students Lives

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-3

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-4

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-4

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-1

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-1

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-5

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-5

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-5

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-5

Pharmaceutical Calculations-RxCalculations-2

Meet Dr. Michael Danquah: The Visionary Behind RxCalculations

Michael Danquah_RxCalculations-Pharmaceutical Calculations

Michael Danquah, MS, PhD

CEO and Founder







Hi there!

I’m Dr. Michael Danquah, your go-to person for anything and everything about pharmaceutical calculations. I wear quite a few hats – I’m a drug delivery specialist, a chemical engineer, a Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Chicago State University College of Pharmacy, and last but not least, the proud CEO of RxCalculations.

If you’ve ever struggled with mastering pharmaceutical calculations or felt overwhelmed at the thought of an upcoming exam, trust me, you’re not alone! And that’s exactly why I created tools like the NAPLEX® Calculations Question Bank and the NAPLEX® calculations prep app to make calculations easier, fun, and less intimidating. In fact, I even penned down a book – “Pharmaceutical Calculations: 1001 questions with answers,” to ensure you have enough practice to ace any exam!

You might have come across my name or work on YouTube or seen us featured on channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC, but what truly makes me proud is seeing students like you gain confidence and proficiency in pharmaceutical calculations. I hold a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, and a PhD in Pharmaceutics from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, but my real passion lies in teaching and learning.

Apart from RxCalculations, I’ve also embarked on some exciting ventures. I am the founder and CEO of Bevinzey, an AI-powered learning platform, and Brainaly, a virtual classroom and quiz gamification software. These initiatives are close to my heart as they’re all about making learning more engaging, interactive, and enjoyable!

Why am I sharing this? Well, I want you to feel at home here at RxCalculations. Our goal is to ensure that you never have to worry about failing an exam or making a calculation error that could impact patient safety. We’re here to support, guide, and help you master pharmaceutical calculations.

I want you to remember this – RxCalculations is not just a platform, it’s a community. A community where we grow, learn, and master pharmaceutical calculations together. So, why wait? Hop on this journey with us and turn what seems like a daunting challenge into an exciting opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you on board!