Five Things To Be Grateful for in Pharmacy School

Five Things To Be Grateful for in Pharmacy School-RxCalculations

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done in pharmacy school: lectures to attend, completing numerous assignments, participating in student organizations, doing rotations, preparing for finals and taking the NAPLEX, MPJE or CPJE exams. 

All these activities constantly bombard you. They can drain your energy and make you lose motivation. You can even lose perspective of all the good things you experience and the monumental victories you win from day to day. Those tiny treasures of success that should be cherished get eclipsed by stress and pain and the never ending to-do list.

What is the result? You get irritable, become cynical, focus on all that is not working and complain about everything.

However, there is so much to be gained by appreciating the rare treasures of joy and success that come your way. Studies reveal being grateful even for the fleeting moments of the good in your life is good for you.

An attitude of gratitude keeps you grounded. It improves relationships and improves sleep. It helps you become an excellent student.

So how do you incorporate gratitude in your life? Simple, begin each day with a few minutes of gratitude. Now, if you are struggling to find something to be grateful for in pharmacy school, here are 5 items to get you started. Remember even 5 minutes of gratitude a day can keep you healthy, motivated and skyrocket your productivity.

1. You Are in Pharmacy School

Regardless of what you think or feel, it is a great opportunity, even a gift you are in pharmacy school. So many individuals don’t get the opportunity to make it this far. And some may have been more capable than you are.  Be grateful you are in pharmacy school.

2. You Have Adequate Study Skills

Whether you are an A, B or C student, if you are still in a pharmacy program, it means you have some decent study skills. Some students really tried hard to handle the course load, but their best was not good enough to keep them in the program. You are still in the program. Be grateful for the study skills you possess.

3. You Have The Strength 

Pharmacy school is not for the weak or faint of heart. It is loaded with lots of work and stress and pain and disappointments. The fact that you are still going strong in the program; didn’t breakdown or bounced back from a breakdown is something to be thankful for. Be grateful you have the strength to keep on going on.

4. You Have Professors 

Whether you like your professors or not, think that they are the best teachers or not, be thankful for them. Your professors take time out of their lives to help you. They invest their energies in you too. They teach you, correct you, encourage you and motivate you. They open doors for you, some of which were slammed in their own faces when they were in your current situation.

Remember some could make a whole lot more money if they worked elsewhere. These professors placed the greater good of posterity above personal gain. So if you admire them, then let them be examples you emulate and if you dislike them, let them be examples of what not to do or be like. But regardless, be grateful you have professors whose shoulders you can stand on.

5. You Would Have A Fulfilling Job 

All the hard work and sleepless nights in pharmacy school would soon pay off. It is still relatively easier to get a six-figure job as a pharmacist compared to other occupations. You also get to make a tremendous contribution to society. Few professions offer such benefits immediately when you graduate. Be grateful that you would have a fulfilling job.

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The daily grind of pharmacy school and life can leave you empty and prone to complaining. However, the more you complain, the more you lose sight of all the wonderful things that you already have and the good coming your way.

 You focus on what’s not working and you feel more drained. Recharge your batteries each day with gratitude. Make it a habit to be thankful for everything that you have great or small and true blessings will come to you as surely as night follows day.

So join the company of those who are determined to be thankful that thorn bushes have roses and not mad that roses have thorns. When you are frustrated, be grateful that each day brings you closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a pharmacist and when you are happy, be grateful too. It’s all those moments in life that make it worth living.

If you are reading this article future pharmacist, I am truly grateful for you. Grateful for who you are right now and the positive difference you would make in the future.

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