How to study effectively

How to Study Effectively

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Eleven Principles For Efficient and Effective Study

As an educator, time and again I’ve encountered several students who complain about how they struggle with their studies and say I need to know how to study effectively. I cannot begin to tell you how many students are brought to tears by the numerous times they read a particular text book and still do not know what to do on the exams. Perhaps, that is your story too. I am writing this short book to tell you know that such toil and struggle is unnecessary and must cease. There is no point to reading for 10 hours something that should take 10 minutes to process. My purpose in writing this book, is to provide you the best possible way to study. I will share with you, 11 principles on how to study effectively and efficiently. Let the message in this book resonate with you, read it again and again, until such a time that the message in this book is stenciled in your mind. Just as an athlete needs a coach, let this book be your personal coach on how to study. The principles I share in this book yield results. I’ve used them myself in my career and they made me an outstanding student. If you use them, you’ll be outstanding too. Although, my goal is for the message in this book to help as many people as possible, my mission will certainly be fulfilled even if it helps one student become exceptional. It is my deepest wish that if this book helps only one student, that one student is YOU.

It’s Worth It

Here is a disclaimer for you. Study is hard work. For you to be really successful at study, you need to be first convinced and persuaded in your mind, heart, body and soul that what you are studying for is really even worth it.

So here is the first principle: persuade yourself that what you are studying for is really worth it.

Being motivated and excited about what you are studying is extremely important. Because you cannot bring your mind to attend to and focus on any subject if you do not have an interest in it. Sometimes you may for a short while be able to force yourself to do that, but it comes at a great expense of energy. No sooner have you started to study in this way, than you begin to feel exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. Now since you typically have to study for long periods of time this eventually leads to burn out.

How do you then psych yourself to be excited about subjects you study, even the ones you have no particular liking for? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Think of all the wonderful reasons why the subject you are studying is important. For example, perhaps chemistry is difficult for you and understanding mole concept is even more challenging than you can imagine. But rest assured, that beyond all the ideas behind mole concept is the need to have a strong foundation in chemistry if you seek to become that great doctor, pharmacist or chemistry professor. Keeping at the fore of your mind your noble end result, can be good enough motivation and may eliminate possible tendencies towards idleness.

2) If suggestion number one doesn’t work for you, you may consider an unselfish alternative. Think of studying as an opportunity to be better equipped to serve your family and country.With more knowledge, you can have the information to help your family members. Say for example, your younger brother needs help with arithmetic, having been studious in your own endeavors you will be in a position to assist him. So in this case, not only has your education benefited you but it has done so twice: for you and your brother. Wherever you are, your family, city and country needs you. It needs your talents. And talents are enhanced by study.

3) Another reason that can make you excited about study is that it can give you a great reputation among your colleagues. Having studied completely and thoroughly, you will now become a subject matter expert. Since you have studied well, it reflects in your grades and in your daily interaction with your colleagues. With your excellent grades, you become known as the go to person for the subject. All turn to you for guidance regarding the difficult issues in that course. Now since your classmates would one day become leaders in their own fields, this valuable reputation you have secured will serve you well continually. You can only imagine, that should you need the assistance of those who you have helped with the knowledge you have acquired whilst in class, you will receive help speedily from 1000 hands.

4) Study the lives of others especially those you think are great. It will surprise you that they struggled too in whatever field they pursued. You will also find, that for them to be truly great they cultivated a love for an idea for which they gave their all and for which they were prepared to die. Reading the biographies of your newly found great friends will inspire.

There are few things in life that benefit you more than good study. Knowing how to study effectively is priceless. While it can be difficult, it is totally worth it. Cultivate a love for study. Identify all the reasons why it’s important to study. Let no one and nothing hold you back or persuade you of its unimportance. For the man who knows how to study and will apply himself to the careful diligent study of whatever he pursues will develop phenomenal skill in what he does. He will be rewarded with exceeding great wealth and reputation.

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