Top 7 Android Apps for NAPLEX Preparation

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You already know how important it is to have the right resources for your NAPLEX preparation. NAPLEX prep courses and test preparation books are always excellent means to get ready for the exam. However, there are also a few android apps which can enhance your NAPLEX preparation by allowing you to review content or take practice tests wherever and whenever you want. Below are the top 7 android apps I recommend for NAPLEX preparation.

Pharmaceutical calculations are the bane of many student pharmacists and potentially a major reason why students fail the NAPLEX. If you need to review pharmaceutical calculations for the board exams, then the NAPLEX Calculations Prep app is what you need. This Free app is designed to provide students the opportunity to practice pharmaceutical calculations whenever and wherever they want. The app contains a quick and concise review of pertinent topics in pharmaceutical calculations ranging from milliequivalents to total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The app includes video lectures and step-by-step video solutions to a variety of problems to help students master concepts.

NAPLEX Calculations Prep app contains quizzes composed of NAPLEX type questions and two 30 questions practice tests. The pass mark for each quiz and practice test is 80%. The App provides users a percent score and has unlimited number of attempts. App has a study lounge where users can interact with and help each other master concepts. There is also a consult page where users can book appointments to seek help from a leading expert in pharmaceutical calculations.

Overall, the app provides a convenient platform to expeditiously review and test important topics in pharmaceutical calculations before an exam. Currently, NAPLEX Calculations Prep is the highest rated NAPLEX app in the Google Play Store and a great app to have in your arsenal for NAPLEX preparation.


NAPLEX Exam Prep by American Studies, Inc. is another awesome app to use when preparing for the NAPLEX exam. It is a free app with more than 3,000 multiple choice questions. Using this app should give you the practice you need to get ready. This app has five practice quiz modes, answer and rationale for each questions and detailed quiz results. NAPLEX Exam Prep is certainly another excellent app to have for your NAPLEX preparation.


Many students’ pharmacists still struggle with the Top 250 drugs by the time they take the NAPLEX exam. If you need to master the Top 250 drugs in preparation for the board exams, then the FlashRX app is for you. Instead of complicated, bloated drug cards, FlashRX’s drug database focuses on simple, usable information to develop your core knowledge base. The concise nature of the information in the app makes it an excellent studying tool which aids in improving learning and comprehension of the Top 250 drugs.

 This app has several excellent features such beautiful, intuitive flashcard and quiz modes to optimize your learning strategy and fully customizable flashcards and quiz content are fully customizable. The app uses an adaptive (Leitner) learning mode so that your time is focused on drug cards that you haven’t yet mastered. FlashRX has audio pronunciations of both the brand and generic names and each drug entry includes its brand name, generic name, generic pronunciation, drug class, indications, adverse effects, and typical dosing. This is an excellent app to have when preparing for the NAPLEX as you can track your learning progress by viewing your statistics at the end of each flashcard or quiz session, or access the dedicated Adaptive Learning Statistics page for your learning overview. Priced at $4.99 it is still worth buying and would help with your NAPLEX preparation.

NAPLEX Flashcards is another app that uses flashcards to help you learn faster and remember more in a shorter time. This app has 2900 premade flashcards which covers topics on drugs/medicine and diseases and disorders which appear on the NAPLEX exam. NAPLEX Flashcards app has numerous learning approaches. These include: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize and Quiz. This variety of modes helps make NAPLEX preparation fun and exciting. The app is free to download. However, the free version has only the basic features which include: ability to import card sets from course hero, flashcard exchange and quizlet; study progress tracking using the Leitner system and display statistics for cards and games. Premium features comprise text to speech for studying flashcards with no need to view the screen of the mobile device, unlimited flashcards downloads for offline study and ability to customize some aspects of the user interface. In-app products cost anywhere from $4.99 to $14.99 per item. Among the apps reviewed in this article, NAPLEX flashcards has the most installs (more than 5000) and is definitely a great app to have on your mobile device for NAPLEX preparation.


If you want an app that provides a convenient way to practice for the NAPLEX, this one does just that. It offers 1500 NAPLEX questions using a user-friendly interface. One of the best features of the app is that difficult questions you are unable to answer get automatically filtered into one group. This affords you the opportunity to focus on those difficult questions and review associated concepts. The app also has an exam simulator to provide testing experience similar to the actual test, although the questions are much fewer than what pertains on an actual exam. Nonetheless, all questions are up-to-date with the current test and it is a good app to have. 1500 NAPLEX questions exam is also free to download so give it a go.


RxPrep is widely recognized as the best with regards to NAPLEX, MPJE and CPJE preparation resources. The RxPrep app basically extends these exam courses to your mobile device and is free to download. However, you have to purchase one of the NAPLEX, MPJE or CPJE courses to access the video lectures and test bank. Noteworthy features include: questions that closely match the format of the NAPLEX, CPJE and MPJE licensing exams including multiple choice, select all that apply, ranking and short answer; the ability to track your progress with test bank results history and the ability to take practice tests online or offline by downloading a topic. You can also stream video lectures while in online mode. Reviews of RxPrep app on Google Play Store are relatively poor primarily due to the white screen login problem. However, this was fixed in version 4.4.5. Overall, this is probably one of the best apps to have for NAPLEX preparation.


This is another excellent app with an intuitive and elegant user interface that works not only to help you learn the material but also get some serious exam experience. NAPLEX Test prep allows you to practice at your own pace anytime you want, anywhere you want. You also get instant feedback. The app has many features including: questions with detailed explanations, testing environment to simulate exam experience and exam history with a beautiful chart to track progress. This app is quite impressive with its features for NAPLEX preparation. However, the app is not free and would cost you $3.89 to own it.


These android apps can be an excellent, engaging and fun way to enhance your NAPLEX preparation. Think this list is missing any apps? Include them in the comments!

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