Pharmaceutical Calculations Coaching

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Ready to be proactive in mastering pharmaceutical calculations?

Understanding pharmaceutical calculations can be achieved alone. However, most students require personal coaching to achieve expert level proficiency and to unleash latent critical thinking skills needed to attain mastery.

This coaching session is in response to the high demand for this type of service by several students. Booking a session is a key step in approaching excellence in performing pharmaceutical calculations. Sessions are conveniently conducted online and are customized to the students unique needs. Among other things, problematic concepts are clarified, assistance provided for assignments and personalized strategies designed to prepare students for exams. Begin your pharmaceutical calculations coaching now.


The goal of Pharmaceutical Calculations Coaching is to improve understanding of key pharmaceutical calculations concepts, create an enabling environment for cultivating critical thinking skills, enhance test taking skills and facilitate the preparation for the calculations component of the NAPLEX. You are on your way to becoming a pharmacist, but do you have mastery of pharmaceutical calculations which is a critical component of the NAPLEX and of practicing as a pharmacist?


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